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2021 Wedding Dress Trends

2020 really changed the game when it comes to weddings. We’ve seen so many changes in the last year, changes that will most likely continue into 2021 as we continue learning how to live in these new times.

No matter what 2020 has halted or what 2021 may try to halt, we know that people are still choosing to get married! If they’re not able to celebrate with their full guest list, they’re having an intimate ceremony and planning a reception down the road, or they’re throwing out their large guest list altogether and only celebrating with close friends and family!

Amidst all the other changes happening in the wedding industry, wedding dress trends are changing too! Here are some of the trends we expect to see this year.

3D Florals
A dramatic style that brings fashion forward glamour to your wedding day look, 3D florals are all the rave this year! We have seen 3D florals on gowns for a few years now, but this year we will see a lot more of it on brides! It’s the perfect way to add drama to your wedding gown while remaining romantic.

Subtle Sparkle
Glitz and sparkle is nothing new in the wedding dress industry, but this year we are going to start to see toned down sequins and beadings compared to the over the top sequins and beading we are used to. We are also going to see more glitter underneath layers of the gown. Style 1330 by Martina Liana is a beautiful example of the subtle sparkle trends we will see this year as the gown details a sequin fabric layer underneath a sheer, wispy overskirt.

An overskirt is the perfect way to not only add drama to your wedding day look, but essentially create two looks. Add an overskirt for the ceremony to really wow your guests as you walk down the aisle, and take it off for the reception and wow your guests with what looks like a different dress! Just take a look at these two gorgeous gowns with and without their overskirts!


For the modern bride – this look is for you. We’ve seen classic and minimal gowns for many years now, but this year we may see it even more as weddings are smaller and more intimate and there may not be the desire for an over the top wedding dress.

What is your favorite wedding dress trend we’ll be seeing this year?! Comment below!

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